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Power Your Career Right From the Start

Right Management’s RightStart Program uses the Ikigai framework, personality assessments and 1-on-1 coaching to help fresh graduates, young adults and professionals gain greater self-awareness and develop a meaningful career development plan that is right for them.



Individualized Approach

Personalized guidance will be given to help participants develop a career plan that is just for them using comprehensive personality assessments. Our experienced life coaches will also provide 1-on-1 coaching sessions to help participants understand how to leverage their interests and passions.

Interests Development

Participants will learn how they can tap into their areas of interests to develop themselves, and also discover what is their mission for their career. Together with our guidance, they will gain insights on how to fulfill their passions in life and work.

Competencies Development

Our program will also help participants understand how they can develop themselves in the areas of competencies identified and differentiate what it means to embark on a profession versus a vocation. We will also explore job market essentials for career development to help participants develop greater confidence in presenting themselves to the corporate world.

RightStart offers two programs that you can choose from: Career Explorer and Career Explorer+.

They are designed to meet the unique needs of young adults, from fresh graduates to professionals just starting out in their careers. Whether you need personalized coaching and support with identifying your career goals, or want to learn how to land your dream job, we've got you covered.


Career Explorer Career Explorer+
1-to-1 Coaching with Experienced Coach (1-hour, face-to-face/virtual) 2 sessions 4 sessions
Personality Assessment to Map Interests & Competencies
Bespoke Career Development Plan Based on Your Results
Resume Development Help
Job Search Strategy and Guidance
Job Interview Training and Preparation
Salary Negotiation Tactics
Price (Excluding GST) S$288 S$488

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