Leader Assessment

Selecting leaders is one of the most important decisions a company makes, yet 87% of organizations do not believe they have future leaders identified to fill critical roles.

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Our assessment approach provides measurable results

Whether you are hiring new talent, uncovering existing high-potentials, or determining if an individual is ready to take on the next role, Right Management’s assessment approach will enable you to identify the best leaders for now and for the future.


Our valid and reliable assessment approach provides organizations with objective data on an individual’s likelihood for success. Results can also be leveraged to develop self awareness and coaching for leaders.


Assessment for Decision

Our holistic, data-driven approach to development inspires talented leaders to succeed. Deployed as a standalone offering or combined with coaching and development solutions, we help organizations choose the best person for the role (externally or internally) and create personal insight into an individual’s self-perception, skills, abilities and target areas for growth.

Assessment for Development

We leverage assessments to inform your most critical workforce strategy decisions – whether you are hiring, identifying high-potential talent, or eager to develop your people, we'll help you optimise your development budgets making sure you're investing in the development of the most critical capabilities and behaviors. Rigorously validated and thoughtfully selected, our assessments provide objective data for your workforce.

Enhancing Sales Effectiveness with Assessment

Today’s sales organizations require a unique type of talent to deliver breakthrough performance. Our holistic assessment methodology takes a tailored approach to identifying talent that will win you more business. Our assessment and analytics experts provide data-driven recommendations to drive effective sales talent decisions and generate ROI.

Leader Assessment Resources

Learn how Leader Assessment ensures that you're selecting and developing the right talent to succeed.

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