Outplacement Services

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Change for the Better

Outplacement services from Right Management are a win-win-win proposition:

  • Transitioning employees get professional help in identifying and preparing for their next career move so they land on their feet faster
  • Current employees are more likely to view the changes positively and stay engaged and committed to their work
  • The organization maintains productivity, protects brand reputation and reduces risk throughout the transition.
  • Leaders in transition receive comprehensive leader development support to ensure a success in their next executive role.

Right Management has helped more than 3.5 million people transition to new roles, careers, and opportunities, while helping organizations—including over 80% of the Fortune 500—increase their workforce agility. Learn how our outplacement services can benefit your organization. Would you like to discuss further with a Right Management expert? Click below to learn how our outplacement and executive transition services can benefit your organization. Email us at ContactUs@Right.com.





Outplacement Services

Over the last 35+ years, Right Management has developed and transitioned more than 3.5 million people into new roles, careers and opportunities.

Uniquely positioned to guide companies through this transition, we provide organizations with innovative tools and a dedicated support team to help plan, communicate and implement workforce transitions.

Exiting employees also benefit from our proven career transition services that include coaching, skills development and targeted job opportunities through our state-of-the-art RightEverywhere® application.

Today’s uncertain market dynamics mean that employers, and their employees, have to be prepared for change.

  • Restructuring may be required to realign business and talent strategies when economic realities or market demands change.
  • Organizations have to respond with agility, implementing workplace transitions in a way that maintains productivity, protects brand reputation and reduces risk.

As global career experts, Right Management is uniquely positioned to guide your leaders through the transformation while empowering exiting employees to transition to the next stage of their careers.

How do outplacement services help organizations implement smooth, productive transitions?

  • Organizations that provide outplacement services report positive outcomes including increased engagement, productivity and loyalty among the employees you retain.
  • Right Management delivers the industry’s best candidate experience, helping you build a strong employment brand among current, former and potential employees.

The RightChoice® program combines personalized career coaching with innovative web tools, best-practice seminars, events and webinars to provide unrivaled assistance to organizations and their employees during times of change. We deliver:

Dedicated Account Team From Start to Finish

Right Management collaborates with your leaders to plan, communicate and support the transition process. From training managers in logistics and communication, to providing support and counseling on the day of notification, we ensure your transition is handled professionally and with the utmost respect for exiting employees.

Outplacement Services and Support for Exiting Employees

By assisting exiting employees to land faster and find satisfying roles in which they can maximize their value, you help ensure they remain supportive of your brand. We provide transitioning employees with:

  • Coaching and assessments to help them determine career next steps
  • Targeted job leads and access to local job resource consultants
  • Tools and resources to help them land faster through our innovative online platform, RightEverywhere®.

Reporting Transparency

Our Right InTouch™ client portal puts you in control with updates on the status of transitioning employees and their ongoing satisfaction with the transition process. Real-time data keeps things on schedule and provides oversight to your investment in these services.

Global Capabilities. Local Delivery.

Part of ManpowerGroup, we have unprecedented access to global resources and market insights. We can deliver career transition services worldwide through knowledgeable Right Management associates in your locale.

Our proven expertise ensures a quick, efficient transition with the goal of minimal disruption and impact to your brand.


Would you like to discuss further with a Right Management expert? Email us at ContactUs@Right.com.

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