Cyd Dodson

Senior Consultant

Cyd Dodson joined the Right Executive Coaching team in August 2000 and assumed leadership responsibilities for multiple markets in the Midwest in 2006. As a recognized career strategist, Cyd took the leadership role for the Right Management College and University vertical and serves as the College &University Solutions Leader for NA.   

Consulting & Coaching Experience

Cyd is experienced as a coach and trainer in assisting organizations and individuals on how to bring to life their mission, vision, and values. She has 20 years of experience in leadership, training, counseling and coaching positions within a variety of industries. Most recently Cyd has supported key leaders in the following industries:

In her role as coach, she effectively helps leaders address the problems and challenges that would have otherwise derailed their careers. Her experience, process and training provides guidance so professionals create meaningful development plans, which accelerate their professional growth and ultimately is measured by their business results. Cyd consistently addresses the whole person in her approaches. 

She is well practiced in a variety of assessment instruments and 360° processes and is able to support teams and individuals in validating feedback with their own real world information and experiences.  

Cyd has additional experience in business start-up and development. She directed a program she developed and launched – The Training Network, which specializes in implementing workforce assessments to meet professional development training needs. She is known for delivering high quality training within resource and cost restraints. She transferred the successful Training Network to another owner and it operates successfully today, meeting the training needs of St. Louis organizations.

With over 20 years of dedicated service to making a difference in the lives of teams and professionals, Cyd has been a key contributor to Right Management’s leadership coaching and career management business. She provides strategic facilitation of the Right Management internal Career Development program to Right employees across NA and is a proven partner to her colleagues in assisting them to achieve their vocational goals, be inspired to perform at a higher effort and actualize their performance plans.  

Education and Training

Cyd earned an M.B.A. from Fontbonne College and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (L.C.S.W.) in the state of Missouri. Cyd possesses additional certification in behavior modification, crisis intervention and accelerated adult learning.  

Coaching Value Proposition

“I understand the power of change and insight.  I provide meaningful focus on both elements in the life of a professional or team who has a desire to unleash new potential.”