Happy-Hour Takeaways: 60-min Live Facilitated Group Learning

Right Management’s Happy-Hour Takeaways are live facilitated group learning sessions with 40 topics designed in mind to ensure teams can connect, share, and stay engaged through remote learning.

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Prepare for the Future of Work

The future of work increasingly requires organizations to have a faster, more cost-effective and focused way for employees to acquire in-demand skills. During Right Management’s Happy-Hour Takeaways, participants will be immersed in group learning virtually, facilitated via a “Talk Show” mode during the 60-min interactive live session. The discussion will focus on practical solutions to actual business problems and the team can continue to serve as each other’s sounding board from ideas implementation to next-step application after the session.


Right Management has over 40 topics designed in mind for remote group discussions, listed below.

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Topics for All Staff

  • 4 Steps to Problem Solving

  • Conflict Management – Handling Your Hot Buttons

  • Effective Brainstorming Techniques

  • Managing Your Stress

  • Virtual Teaming Techniques

  • Managing Your Career using the ABCD Model

  • 5 Steps to Decision Making

  • Creating Your Influence Plan

  • Emotional Intelligence – Awareness and Management

  • Managing Your Time

  • Active Listening Skills

  • Powerful Questioning Skills

  • Altering Your Mindset to Manage Change

  • Developing Values and Engagement

  • Having a Courageous Dialogue

  • The 4 Powers of Influence

  • Creating Exceptional Customer Service

  • Self-Talk – Positive or Negative

Topics for Managers

  • 4 Steps for Implementation Planning

  • 6 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

  • Behavior-based Interviewing Techniques

  • Coaching Process – Step-by-Step

  • Conducting Career Conversations

  • Creating an Engaging Work Environment

  • S5 Model of Team Development

  • Steps to Effective Delegation

  • Creating Your Trust Equation as a Leader

  • Development Planning using Inward, Outward, Forward Model

  • Engaging Four Types of Employees

  • Four Attributes of a Strategic Leader

  • Four Interpersonal Communication Styles

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback – WIN Model

  • Strategic Planning using TOWS

  • How to Motivate: 6 Common Needs

  • Leaders with a "Development Mindset"

  • Mapping Your Key Stakeholders

  • Mentoring Skills

  • New Manager's Mistakes and Remedies

  • P3 Model for New Managers – People, Purpose, Performance

  • Understanding and Managing VUCA Changes

Coaching Resources

Learn how your organization can leverage coaching to drive and sustain change.

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